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Titan Review 1962
Audio from Scott Carter and Charlie Munro’s Assembly Production

Scott writes . . .  “I was surprised that the original tape lasted almost 50 years – I digitized and saved it a few years ago. I pulled a few clips from the original piece just to ‘give a feel’ of what it was.

Our passion was broadcasting and we were practicing. Charlie went on to be a TV News Director and Media.Consultant, I became a radio Air Personality and Producer. But in high school we didn't talk about it much, we didn't want to be known as "AV Nerds.”

“Somebody knew what we did because he or she brought us several.boxes of slides and asked us to ‘make an assembly.’ To this day I have no memory of who and I'm not sure I knew at the time.”

Get the Titan Review 1962 [History].pdf.