Notes from all over . . .

Thomas Butterworth

Favorite Memories

None at SMHS. After graduating from Huntington, I went to the Webb School in Claremont to repeat the 8th grade (most likely because of a clerical error).

And then . . .

I went to Cal where I had an Asa Meudell (SMHS ’61) sighting. I think that was the only one although I know there were a lot of others there as well. After a few temporary jobs I came to the conclusion that working was highly overrated. So I decided to stay in school until I couldn’t stand it any longer. That was just before my 29th birthday. I worked at Hunt-Wesson Foods from 1973 to 1988, started a consulting business in 1988, went to Egypt on a USAID assignment in 2002 and stayed in Egypt for 10 years. During this time I reconnected with Mike Oster and a little later, Boni & Vicky (who visited in Egypt). I returned from Egypt last year with a new bride and a new baby girl, Susan. She’s not so new, now over 6. Older children, Aimee & Jeff, both in their ‘30’s and both badly over-educated.

Warner Tappan

Favorite Memories

The only thing I have from the past is a trophy from Pomona Drags. It does have some historical significance as it was before the National Hot Rod Association at Pomona.

. . . Words of wisdom

You may want to suggest that people bring memorabilia that they might still have like a Cheerleader outfit, megaphone, baseball, or basketball  jersey. It seems to me that there was stuff from our class at the Primm mega reunion. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Steve MacFarland

For starters, Steve MacFarland writes “ . . . I'm sorry I can't make it to next weekend's 50th Reunion, but I did want to send a special "Shout out" to Tom Webster. Warner Tappan, Doug McFerran, Alan MacClyment and Mike Oster! I hope all you are well and I'm wishing you God's best for your lives (what we have remaining, ha-ha).”

Steve J. Morris

Stephen J. Morris Retired in '07 mortgage banking. Living comfortably in Menifee, CA. Unable to attend reunion due to recent health issue.